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If I Don't Go Within I Go Without

Recently I have become immersed in Kundalini yoga.

My first attempt at yoga was 1980 at the time there were no yoga studios, no internet nowhere to learn about or study this ancient practice. I had purchased a book that had photos of the positions with a limited explanation below each picture. Yoga is something my soul has always craved, then my body began to crave the movements as well.

We are desperately searching for answers to questions we don't understand, turning the world upside down to only feel tired, we wonder, we worry, we muse, we reflect, we accept, we feel as though there is something missing, we simple don't know what it is and where do we find it.

If we don't go within, we go without.

Sometimes, the greatest way to search for something you want is to not search at all, but to just be and let the whisper of your soul have a voice.

Life is a gift, a priceless blessing, live it with your whole being.


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