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The Invitation

Soul intimacy is missing for most of the population. There are many reasons for this for a vast majority of the daily struggle to survive leaves little time to thrive, to seek the communion of their very own soul. The voice of the souls is shut out - drowned out by the demands of life.

There is no time to whimper and complain for the next deadline looms, the next responsibility is front and center demanding attention, there is little time for Self.

Sadly the emptiness the void is ever-present in the discontent of our lives.

It doesn't have to be this way if only we would make our peace of mind a priority by saying no and having one less thing to do. Then use that time to harvest the intimate thoughts the soul wants to share with us. For those that work best in a structured environment make your soul part of your to-do list. Brush teeth, check messages, listen to soul, take kids to school, work.

How to listen to the soul, this can be done a gazillion ways, it can be as unique as you are. For some it is meditating for 10 minutes, others it is going for a run, and yet for others, it may be doing some deep breathing. There is no wrong way, the soul isn't picky it just wants you to show up. Finding that center is like coming home after being away, the body sighs a relief to be safe in familiar surroundings. One can kick their shoes off and wiggle their toes, put on some comfy clothes, and sink into the nearest easy chair. That's what the soul offers the mind SPACE to just be.


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