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Tired Gratitude

My sisters called

this morning.

Inviting me to join them for lunch, reluctantly I declined.

My day is full of appointments.

My mind is on my budding business as a jewelry designer.

I am tired.

But I am full of gratitude.

I miss spending time with my family

But the blessings and goodness I enjoy don’t escape me.

Now, daily the news is alarming.

Our times are challenging, unpredictable and a bit unnerving.

My heart breaks and longs for the era in which I grew up.

My heart breaks for the younger generations that will never

experience that time, they may stumble upon old programs or magazines that gives

them a glimpse.

There is a collective heartbreak.

There is a collective knowingness.

There is a collective sense of change.

There is a collective recognition of buried secrets coming to light.

There is a collective sense of not knowing.

There is a collective sense of growth.

There is a collective sense of gratitude.

My heart is open.

Hearts are opening.

I surrender.

Others are surrendering.

I am connected.

Others are connecting.

I am grateful.

Others are grateful.

From my heart to yours with love
Collective Heartbreak Collective Sense of Change

1 Comment

Oct 05, 2021

Great readd thanks

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