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The Fragility of Life

Barb's birthday 63, Mike has cancer 56

There is a depth, awareness in the mundane things, they become sacred rituals, no longer are they things I need to rush through to get to the next chore, the next thing on my to-do-list.

A simple thing like feeding the birds, filling the birdbaths with fresh water for the new brood of baby quail that find my yard a sanctuary.

These are sacred moments.

Spending moments with my girls really looking into their eyes conveying to each of them as much as I possibly can how much I love them and that they are a precious part of my life.

It has been a long-standing ritual Friday evenings are for family, no matter how busy we are individually it is non-negotiable that we come together and share supper on Friday night. I wonder have we had our Last Supper?

I long for the safety of knowing there is still an abundance of years ahead to spend time with those I love, but today that simply may not be the truth. Life is fragile and unpredictable.


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