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Troubled Waters

The Japanese believe that when something has suffered damage it becomes even more beautiful.

When a bowl is broken in Japan, it's put back together using gold to fill the cracks creating a beautiful tapestry emphasizing a new beauty in something that was once broken.

The same goes for human beings everything that you've experienced, everything you've been through although it may seem difficult and ugly at the time you're experiencing it, you'll find once you're able to move past it that it was filled with insight, wisdom and understanding. It becomes the gold lining within your soul.

No one has lived a perfect life, no one escapes events and heartache, but it is up to you to choose to pick yourself up and recognize the meaning of the struggles and learn from them, each has contributed to making you who you are today.

Everything that has occurred has done so for a reason. The more we deny, the more we complain, the more we refuse to accept what has happened only diminishes the value woven into the event. The next level of your life will demand a new you and sometimes it takes being broken in order to become that version of yourself.

No one is an island you're here to make a difference.

Embrace all parts of your life; recognizing your struggles, your experience can be an inspiration for others.


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