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Sacred Whispers

A young mother of three standing in the middle of her bedroom, sees twinkle lights much like fireflies that pepper the Midwest summer nights, coming towards her. Instantly she knew her husband was dead, within minutes the local police were standing on her front porch.

An heirloom broach falls out of a bath towel that had just been used to dry her son after his nightly bath.

Driving a stretch of highway where a loved one had passed away in car accident a favorite song of the deceased came on the radio at the precise place of their demise.

Every day messages are delivered by spirit to ordinary people in a multitude of ways.

This time of year can be difficult for many; the holidays beckon us with the promise of joy, peace, communion with loved ones and the promise of a new year. But it also brings into focus those that have left our world and our life to return to the other side of the veil.

Rest assured there is life beyond what we see and hear. Those souls that have crossed over are beginning to communicate with us in a way they have never done before, perhaps it is because they know we are beginning to listen. I urge you to slow down, pay attention, many times the communication is subtle but rest assured those we love are around us, supporting us, encouraging us.

Ask for a specific sign from a loved one; be ready for them to comply. They will.

The Power of Love is undeniable those that have crossed over will make themselves known not just during the holidays but everyday. Love never dies, it is waiting for the next reunion.

Please share with us, “What signs have you seen from someone you love that has passed on?”


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