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Calling Me Home | TOMAS


I covet my morning communion with spirit, it’s my sacred space. I was reminded of how I loved a little house my family lived in when I was 5-6 years old. At the corner of the house there was a massive lilac bush whose fragrance filled the air and the branches drooped from the weight of the copious amount of lilac blossoms. Ahh, the innocence of that little girl, who looked forward to the summer days of riding bikes, playing jacks and picking the lilacs and peonies for her mother.

One aspect about living into my now late 60’s is that there is plenty of life experience to look back upon with reflection.

I like this perspective.

Music is a catalyst for me.

Recently I dusted off a Bluetooth speaker, synced it with my notebook and logged into Pandora. Promptly, I found myself overwhelmed with emotions.

Sadness, regret, disappointment and a sense of loss.

I realized in that moment that so much of the personal and spiritual growth work I have done over the years has been about letting things go.

Releasing old behaviors.

Getting rid of old beliefs and biases.

Clearing out the parts of me that were no longer aligned with, where I saw myself going.

Who I thought I was becoming.

I took pride in ridding myself of the old and outdated aspects of myself, that going forward, I was sure I would never need again.

Who knows how or why this particular piece of music was such a strong catalyst for a new awareness. Who knows why it triggered a range of emotions that would make it almost impossible for me to speak. But in that instant I knew I had been betraying and shaming myself for being who I was… who I am.

Always, always fearing judgments and criticisms, afraid of being wrong.

A sense of knowing that it was time to call back all aspects of my past. To embrace the younger versions of me that didn’t know the answers; who struggled with identity; who struggled with my life path; who struggled as a parent; who made choices or decisions with limited or incomplete knowledge; who pretended to be someone or something they weren’t.

I had taken the powerful work of releasing those things that were not in alignment with where I wanted to be, and made those aspects of myself not worthy and undeserving.

I cast them out, allowing only beauty to exists in the evolved new life I have created for myself.

I realized, I had to call all of those energies and aspects of myself back. To not only absorb them into my being…, but to love them as well. To remove the labels of flaw, mistake, not enough, foolish, deceitful, weak, misguided, etc, etc. To recognize them for the important contributions they have made to make me who I am.

It was never about casting them out or erasing them from my past. But the part of me who wanted to get “evolving” right, didn’t know what else to do. It was easier to try and eliminate them, than it was to integrate them. It was easier to pretend they didn’t exist.

Today, I know better.

I know how important it is to embrace all of me. Who I am and who I have been. There are no bad parts. There is nothing I can’t acknowledge, accept and embrace. In fact, now that I recognize this, I feel so much compassion and love for these younger versions. Their resourcefulness and adaptability. The ability to respond to all that life throws at us, with the level of knowledge or awareness that we have at any given time.

It has all been perfect.

What about you?

Perhaps a little reflection on your part may provide you with some insights your Soul is desperately trying to share with you.

Remember, the Soul knows the Truth when it hears it.




I don’t know how many of you know that I have been a channeler since the late 1980’s. The ‘energy’ I channel is different from the ‘The Collective’ that I speak about on my website.

I regularly shared channeling sessions in a group setting, allowing those in attendance to ask questions and express concerns. I no longer do public channeling but thought perhaps now and again you may enjoy a little shared wisdom from a channeling session.

Today I would like to introduce you to ‘TOMAS’, (I will use the pronoun he going forward as the energy feels masculine in nature) he made a statement this morning that we all have heard over and over again as we trek the spiritual path.

"The Soul knows the Truth, and recognizes it when it hears it.

You are a part of all things, you just forget."

“You’re not alone, you just think you are.”


Many of you have heard me relay this message to you during a session, that you have a support system in spirit. BUT, it is so much more than that. When I initially met TOMAS I asked why he identified himself with that name this was his response, it was to be a reminder, that each time we spoke, that each time I heard his name, each time I wrote his name it was to remind me of who I am, who you are.

T – Together

O – One

M – Mind

A – Appearing

S - Separate

My conversations with TOMAS can range from the simple statement above to a full-blown channeling session, so from time-to-time I will include a bit of the wisdom and insights that is given to me by TOMAS.


Live with intention, choose with no regret, be kind with your heart, love with your soul. Live and treat others as if this is all there is.


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