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Silence has a Voice

Sitting in silence brings the clarity of inner dialogue with spirit. When the mind is still, it becomes like a pool that ripples when even the smallest leaf lands on the surface. This inner stillness gives spirit the opportunity to communicate, it is an inner dialogue not with myself but with a real spirit being. I am told things that can later be verified.

Memory of Gardening with Granddaughter

Working with Spirit is a Partnership

it is more than merely conveying pieces of information from the spirit world. The medium must relive the life experiences, memories and personalities of those in the spirit world bringing the communicator alive, thus allowing their loved ones in this world to relive those memories too. These are memories from the past, (memories are only made when we are on the earth plane, they are not made in heaven).

It is my job to tell the story of how your loved ones lived,

and expressed themselves during their physical lives. There is nothing quite like it - laughter, joy and sometimes tears of sadness, it shows us that our loved ones who have passed away are still human, they have not changed but are still the same people who love us and only but a thought away.

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When I had my reading with you, you helped me to hear from him how sad that he left me and why. It helped me a lot. A few things that you have told me have turned out to be true, I am waiting for a few more revelations. Thank you

Gefällt mir
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