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5 Ways the Akashic Records Can Transform Your Life

This year 2016 has been one of great shifts, change and downright unsettling for many of us. There just seems to be something amiss. You think you're making good, healthy, responsible decisions to have everything crumble right before your eyes. You work on yourself, you excavate the past and release it with forgiveness in your heart, you do inner work to remove the blocks that are preventing prosperity and abundance so they can show up in your life. And nada, zip, goose egg, zero. So why on earth is everything so out of place and simply just not working?

As a spiritual being, we come into this life with the intentions to accomplish many things. The problem once here our memory of those things leaves us, we then become so engrossed in the day-to-day events and demands of life that we fail to pay attention to the inner guidance that we are all equipped with.

Once we begin to stray too far away from that agenda the Universe that always has our backs, jumps in to help us make corrections. We begin to get subtle messages, usually through feelings. You may begin to feel a sense of discontentment around your job, where you're living or how you're living. If we ignore the subtle messages the Universe keeps coming back with even bigger nudges, until it has our full attention. Ignoring the discontentment with your job could result in losing it altogether, you are then forced to move in a different direction to better align yourself with your initial intentions for this life.

Wisdom of the Akashic Records

1. Akashic Records

The Akash is a living library that holds all the information from all of your lives. Accessing this information opens the door to knowing even the smallest details, you may have wondered if you have soul contracts and what is the purpose of the contract, are you to support each other? Is there old karma or lessons that need to be learned. Are there things and relationships that need closure. Where else can you ask these sorts of questions and know the answers will be there?

2) Clear Past Beliefs

The Akashic Records help you look at the core beliefs that create recurring issues in your life. Some limiting patterns and beliefs come from past lives, some from your present life. You can dig into these beliefs and situations that are causing you to feel unworthy and unsatisfied and clear them at an Akashic level.

3) Create Amazing Changes

Are you looking to have a true ‘aha moment’ so that you can feel in your heart the truth behind a situation? Your Akashic Records can give you the clarity you need to make a decision to move forward in a relationship, a career change, or other important situations in your life.

4) Your Soul’s Wisdom

Your soul has talents and strengths. By learning about them, you can make powerful decisions and choices to align with who you truly are as a wise and ancient soul. Your Akashic Beings of Light hold the information that helps you understand and believe the truth behind who you are.

5) Endless Possibilities

Your Akashic Records can help you understand that you have more choices available than you may think. You can explore those choices with your Akashic Masters and receive validation about the highest and best choices for your soul right now. You can also discover how your current choices are affecting you and what new choices would look like.

Having insight into your individual soul path opens the door toward greater fulfillment, happiness, and abundance.


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