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Morning Pages that Speaks for the Soul

I'm sharing with you something I wrote years ago about Morning Pages. Morning Pages were invented in the new age hub of Taos, New Mexico, by the creativity guru Julia Cameron, who writes sentences such as, "As we move towards our dreams, we move towards our divinity." But this is no New Age, Airy Fairy Woo, Woo. This in my opinion gives voice to the soul...if you stay at it long enough.

We begin again, you and me, Morning Pages, funny how on and off a relationship we've had. How many years ago did we meet? Remember, we met at the "Tattered Cover", I loved browsing through the well-worn books that had found their way to the wooden shelves. It was love at first sight, you were a used workbook titled "The Artist Way", I was so drawn to you, my darling I felt you beckoning me. Gingerly, I picked you up and began thumbing through your secrets, there on your pages were questions that pulled at my soul. I scooped you up lest someone else saw what a great find you were and took you for their own.

Little did I know the intimate affair we would share, you were the first to ask daring questions that began to chip away at the armour that had encased my soul. You unrelentingly pushed, prodded and nudged me into delving into the corners I had avoided for so long. I discovered, creativity and spirituality are one and the same.

It has been many years and a few thousand pages later, but you still hold me with your intensity. Each time I begin anew with the first page, I find a new level of depth and beauty that my eyes and heart eagerly embrace. We know we will be together until the end, me and my beloved Morning Pages.


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