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And So It Is

All through my teen years, I was drawn to the occult. Metaphysical was not yet a familiar term. I read books by Ruth Montgomery that contained information about the spirit world, much was channeled, her source being Arthur Ford, a famous psychic and medium who was best known for connecting with Houdini after his death. He accurately relayed "the message" to his wife that they had agreed upon before his passing, it's delivery was to prove that life went on. I devoured the Seth Material and Edgar Cayce's "There is a River", and of course followed Jean Dixon’s horoscopes.

When I was 16 my father allowed me to accompany him and my mother to visit Georgie. For me that was a rite of passage, as I was old enough to be included in grown up things. Georgie was a psychic whose fascinating use of an ordinary deck of playing cards was my first exposure to a psychic reading.

In January 1972, my mother passed away at the age of 50. Though I always experienced intuition, visions and conversations with unseen companions, I never really gave it much thought nor did I make it a priority in my life. My mother’s passing, however, was a catalyst that broke through the barrier between the “other side” and the here and now, forcing me into a spiritual darkness that threatened my sanity.

By 1973, I believed I had lost my mind, and it became all too clear I needed someone, something, to bring light to my darkness. In a desperate attempt to save my life, I left my home and family in search of solid answers to the things I was experiencing. There began an exciting journey that gave me new

consciousness of my unique spiritual gifts, and how to use them. The years that followed led me into the secret world of Government, where I learned with certainty that we are not alone. Let me digress….

I became aware that there really were things that went bump in the night,

and even at an Alter Call in a Nazarene Church. It was a bright summer Sunday, which began with breakfast of oatmeal, toast and grapefruit juice. In the oven, country fried chicken awaited our return from church.

On the kitchen counter were fresh baked pies that always followed Sunday dinner. Church? Ugh! At seven years old it seemed so boring that I considered it to be a total waste of a perfectly good summer morning. I sat quietly watching the women of the congregation animatedly waving their paper fans, seeking precious relief from the sweltering summer heat. The preacher, at long last, finished his tirade of “hells fire and brimstone,” and began the altar call. Suddenly, I felt as though I was being directed to go down front. I slid from my seat, much to the surprise of my grandmother, who quickly tucked a clean, pink embroidered handkerchief into my hand.

As I moved down the aisle towards the front of the church, it was as if I were witnessing the scene from somewhere outside my body. Compelled to kneel down while the congregation continued singing a familiar hymn, I was barely on my knees when I began to sob uncontrollably. There was an overwhelming sense of “home,” as though I was wrapped in a cocoon of safety and love. Out of the corner of my eye, I began to sense a presence. I could see the yellow-white light that surrounded the Being that was next to me. In wide-eyed astonishment, I listened as I was told of the life that awaited me – one that would not always be easy, but I was assured that I would never be alone.

When the altar call concluded, it was a few minutes before I became conscious of myself, I now realize that I had gone into a deep, meditative state of altered consciousness. I slowly rose from the altar, and

discovered that all around me lay dozens of cotton handkerchiefs thrown, obviously, by good hearted souls in the pews who were overcome with joy and compassion for a child in the midst of spiritual transformation, though few, none perhaps, had consciousness to understand my experience.

My eternal gratitude to the Creator of my soul, who hearing my childhood cry continues to answer my

prayer: "Who am I". To "The Collective" I AM yours in service to the upliftment of all life, as we continue

to collaborate in Oneness.

And So It Is.


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