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How to Find Your Way Back

I feel moved to say this to anyone who might need to hear it.. as I would have not long ago. Don't work so hard to keep things the same, don't hold on so tightly... that's where the suffering lives. Let yourself flow towards your destination, trust there is one, it may involve some shattering, some heartbreak, don't take it too personally... you are meant for so much more.

When you know (even though you may be hiding under the bed with your fingers in your ears singing "lalala I can't hear you") that something is about to fall apart, let it.

Let it shatter.

Things fall apart because that is the truest cycle of life, the one of death and rebirth. Seasons change. What was once a perfect fit is no longer.

You are here to become even more you. Whatever is in the way of that, whatever is blocking you, whatever is keeping you from emerging, whatever is taking your energy from this becoming, could very well fall apart.

Let it fall apart.

Follow the breadcrumbs. They are always there. Stay in your body and notice all the sensations without running, without judging. Only share your pain with those who can really tolerate it, no judgment, no cringing, lots and lots of heart.

Look for the new seeds, they're already there. Tell yourself the truth, but make sure it's really truth vs the trash talk of your fear, or the fear-memories of your past that haunt you with ways that this will hurt in all of the same old ways.

Let the hurt be new, let the understanding be fresh, let yourself stay present and aware of what else might be happening.

Use your symbolic sight- pan back and look at the patterns, what is the big thing, what is the big knowing and message trying to reach you.

Let yourself hear it. Hold it close, let it guide you when you're ready.

Cocoon as much as you need to and trust your wings will be ready at some point, but you can't know when until it's almost time.

Did you know that the butterfly must fight its way out of the cocoon so its wings are strong enough to fly? It won't be easy but my darling, it will be worth it.

I know this place so deeply, and because when you see your destination, and the magic and miracles that find you as the new seeds sprout and take root... there is joy.

If you're in the midst of the shattering, or if there is something that's got hold of you and you want to break free into becoming.. Let's talk.


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