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It Comes with a Price

Holy Cow! Without a doubt, for several months I was sicker than I ever remember. I was suffering throughout my body, asthma, a cardiac event, a digestive issue and last but not least a mammogram that came back suspicious, each one required a specialist, each one led to a trip to the hospital, each one required further testing. Each doctor stated there was something wrong but they couldn't figure out what. Mystery illness!

Follow-up tests were done several weeks later, two weeks ago my primary phoned to say she had the results of the final set of tests. They were baffled, everything was normal, so normal that there were no traces of previous maladies. They didn't have answers.

The answer is simple.

Did I actually think that I could live in the New Energy that is blanketing the earth and mankind without a system upgrade to my physical body? That would be like putting a new software program on my computer and not rebooting so the upgrade could populate throughout the operating system. Thus is the same with the physical body, each system had to undergo an upgrade so that it could be a match to the new frequency. Being spiritually conscious, being aware comes with a price, not only the physical and emotional struggles that are a part of the ascension process, but the responsibility that is inherently a part of this new energy.

The ascension process involves "dying" while we are alive.

We must align our energy frequency to the heartbeat of the planet. Earth's heart beat is known as the Schumann Resonates, to learn more about it's affects on the physical body check out the HeartMath Institute

Many of us have emerged transformed from the transition zone which we have been traveling for the past six to nine months. I believe that May was one of those life-changing months of which I can say nothing will ever be the same. So it's my responsibility to share the path I have walked with those that are following in my footsteps.

Symptoms of Ascension:

  • Pain in the heart, fluttering or rapid pulse, feel as though you're having a heart attack

  • Breathing problems, asthma, shortness of breath

  • Anxiety and fear, feeling emotionally vulnerable

  • Depression

  • Headaches

  • Change in bowel movements

  • Muscle Aches and Joint Pain

  • Flu-like Symptoms

  • Hot Flashes and/or Night or Day Sweats

  • Extreme Tiredness

  • Losing your Memory or Feeling Spacey

  • Extreme Sensitivity to people, noises, light, smells, taste to name a few

  • Weight Gain

  • A1C spikes for no apparent reason no diagnosis of diabetes

  • Intense muscular spasms and pain in one or more areas of the body

  • Tingling in arms, hands, legs or feet

  • Delving into the past, looking at relationships and gaining clarity on personal issues

  • Change in diet preferences

  • Adrenal Fatigue

Rest assured that although these symptoms can be scary and uncomfortable it is best to go with the flow. If you feel tired and exhausted, rest get plenty of sleep. Drink plenty of water the body is detoxifying and dehydrating faster than usual. Often times I would be awakened from a deep sleep in the middle of the night due to horrific muscle cramps in my upper thighs, the only thing that would bring relief was to soak in a tub of Epsom salt, I found Dr. Teal's Relax & Relief Epsom salt to be especially helpful. These symptoms can last for a few weeks or as in my case for over six months.

However, please use common sense, seek medical guidance if you're unsure.

Feel free to comment below how you've been affected.

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