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Phone number for sessions 623-444-4546

Lynda is available for international sessions. If you live abroad you may contact Rachel
to schedule an appointment, ( ).

Cancellations are accepted 24 hours prior to appointment, the complete policy here


Please note, your appointment confirmation is for your time zone.

 As a Medical Intuitive Lynda focuses on your energy, physical body, mind and soul. She then shares with

you details of the imbalance(s) seen in your physical and energy bodies.

Medical Session

Apologies, Lynda's calendar for 60 Minute Medical Intuitive Sessions is fully booked.

There is a wait list for 30 Minute Limited Medical Sessions, please email

Medical Intuition is not to be construed as the practice of medicine, psychotherapy, or any other licensed

healthcare practice, and is not a substitute or replacement for the services of licensed healthcare providers.


Lynda maintains compliance to the HIPPA laws of privacy.

Pet Health and Animal Communication

Lynda believes animals hold the Light of the Divine, they are our connection to purity and innocence. She feels it is an honor to be a bridge for pet parents to better understand and communicate with their animals.

30 Minutes - $125

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