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What's Up on Planet Earth

There isn't anyone coming to save us, humanity is being awakened to it's own Divinity
Healing Through All Time, Space and Dimensions

Everything is energy, energy is information, recently that information has been labeled as 'Light Language' and 'Light Codes' there is nothing new here. To expand a bit further the Light or Energy from the Sun is encoded with information that blankets everything and everyone on the planet, that encoded information 'programs' us, animals, plants all life on the planet.  When we interfere (create a glitch) within our environment, our bodies, our food (overly processed with chemicals, GMO or has had other modifications), the cells become corrupted and do not have the ability to effectively 'process, read' the information sent from Source. In the case of food that has been altered in any way the body's ability to 'read' and utilize that "food" is compromised, therefore the body no longer is getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to be healthy and full of vitality at the level we were designed to enjoy. This is but one example of the limitless expressions of 'the Language of Light'.

We are moving into the most significant period of Infusion of Light that this planet has ever seen. Nothing will be untouched. Everything and everyone will have the opportunity to integrate more of what and who they are, an extension of Source energy 'Light'.


   2012 | 2013

Marks a new era  in our ability to receive and assimilate energy.

Previous energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch etc. requires an upgrade as well, so we are seeing and will continue to see expanded and new healing modalities. These will become available as they are being recognized by those that have the ability to receive and understand this new information/programming.

2017 Blue Beings of Light, a low energetic state on it's own never leads to a higher one. Humanity is not ascending to any higher realms, the 5th or any other, what is happening individuals, animals, the planet (all life)  have the ability to begin to integrate the frequency of the higher realm(s). Sensitive people have been feeling this surge of energy for sometime, but what happened in the month of November 2023 had an added intensity.


There are different energies blanketing the planet Blue Light, Solar Flares and Photonic Light. When a higher frequency enters into a space where there is predominately low frequency, temporary chaos ensues due to the higher frequency breaking down and integrating the lower frequency structures. To give you an example would be when very warm air meets cooler air the reaction is thunder.

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The change that is upon us has been long awaited and necessary. Much has been learned over the past eons of time, once warfare was even more prevalent than the current state of affairs on the planet. There is much more Light, compassion and spiritually on the planet, more than anytime in the history of Earth. For those that are more spiritually seasoned are very much aware of this fact.

Judgement is a taught habit.

The time has come for the judgement of others to end.

Judgement acts as an anchor, keeping the one who judges from raising their vibration to a higher level of consciousness. There are tools and devices that can assist in releasing and  healing those judgements and beliefs.

For those that begin practicing non-judgement will experience new ideas, creativity will become heightened and a sense of peace and calmness can become the norm.  You now begin to be open to positive influences rather than seeking out the negative chatter that can be easily found in the news, social media and even one's family.

The judgement and negative seeds that humanity has been imbued with are... dying.

Take heart, be patient seek out those things that facilitate whole being healing and begin tending to your own thoughts and mind.

A new world is coming.


If you feel you would like to explore how these activations may effect you, then you may want to consider a session with spirit.

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