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You're never alone, you just think you are.
Wisdom, Truth, Kindness and Compassion become the tools of a Warrior of Light.


During the summer of 1987 during a group guided meditation, a booming voice pierced the darkened room, TOMAS introduced themselves to the meditation group. I have had the honor of communicating with them for over three decades.  The name of TOMAS was given to me by them, it is an anagram.

T - together O - one  M - mind  A - appearing S - separate.


We all are one with the Universal Mind, Infinite Intelligence with distinct personalities. We are likened to the drops that make up the ocean.

"You're never alone, you just think you are", we are accessible to all. There is not one of you that does not have the innate ability to communicate with the us/You..the Higher Mind.


Channeling Excerpts

Celebrate the day your soul took up residence in this incarnation. It is a gift to be here now on what is the gem of the galaxy known for its immense beauty. Through all time, space and dimensions you travel to meet, support, love and treasure each other lifetime after lifetime on your journey back to God/Source.

Live with intention, choose with no regret, be kind with your heart, love with your soul.     

Awaken Code(s)

Why You Chose to Be Here Now


(let there be light)

The world is at war, there is more to the current global crisis than meets the eye.

The Light and the dark are vying for the consciousness of humanity. Darkness is heavier than the Light

we are at the nexus point where we have the ability to tip the scales in favor of the Light.

Each of us has a role to play in the ascension of not only man but the planet. Now is the time when

Wisdom, Truth, Kindness and Compassion become the tools of a Warrior of Light

There are multiple codes depending on each particular soul's agenda for being on the earth at this time. This has been the case only recently.

Things are different, the attributes of the planet have changed. You have changed, your upgrade not only allows you to be resonating at a higher frequency but you carry more love and this amazing combination has influence on everything. More of your soul energy is able to be here on the planet right now, more than ever in history. You've had part of your multidimensional structure awakened in the last year. This was by design. Not only have you begun to awaken but, at the same time but there is more Light blanketing the earth, together they are creating a separation between dark and Light. This is the shift, the Light and love energy you carry and the Light force of the planet can be sent to those that need it. This is the beginning of a partnership with the planet, with humanity.

Love Tomas

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Q & A TOMAS Responds


Hello Tomas,

There are a handful of times in my life where I remember feeling this incredible peace, “which surpasses all understanding” (as they say in the Bible). A feeling that is beyond any peace that I have felt in my body, something I feel comes from outside of me. At times the peace would come with a non-verbal feeling message that conveyed “in the end, everything is going to be OK“. Other times the peace will communicate the message “you have something very important to do in this life“. Are these feelings/messages from God or someone/something else?


I have grown up my whole life believing that it’s God but because I have trust issues around God now, I’m not sure anymore.


Thank you,



Good day Rob,

"This is communication is from the Higher Self, The All of "You", the total essences of knowing, awareness and Consciousness. It is guiding and reminding you on two levels, the first allowing you to reconnect to the safety of the love that is what you as a soul being is enveloped in. Secondly, to remind you that you chose to inhabit a physical body so that you could not only develop as a soul but to bring in information and understanding to assist others along their journey as a spirit being living in the physical world.


To teach others that they have a power within. 


This is why you chose the circumstances that have led you to no longer trust God. To understand that it is not God that created this curriculum for you, but you who chose it.  As a facilitator of spiritual and physical understanding, the facilitator has to travel the path first so that they can understand the feelings, fears, confusion, desperation, and circumstances of those that cross their path." Without these experiences that develop your innate knowing and understanding your words would simply be empty vessels, they would feel hollow.

It is your choice alone as to whether or not you move forward embracing the Calling you chose for yourSelf, there is no judgment here. This is simply a destiny point, it is not fated."

Love Tomas

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