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Aloha Lynda Diane,

I just wanted you to know that you helped me beyond my dearest hopes.


You gave me a diagnoses when I had none which in turn, gave me a direction to follow.  Up until you, everything was just a shot in the dark.


I am now following the protocols of Anthony William, for Epstein Barr Virus, which was your number one diagnoses for me.  (The alligator closest to the boat!)  The improvements have been incredible, since that time. It’s hard to improve when the doctors can’t pinpoint what is wrong with you, right?  Now, my  health is improving by leaps and bounds, from a condition that is probably about 50 years old.


I had been going to doctors for 4 years to find out what was wrong with me and of course, no one knew.


I am deeply grateful to you for your kind and amazing assistance.  You may well have saved my life, which I consider rather important.

It is an amazing service you provide.  There will surely be a ticker tape parade and a huge celebration some day when you get to heaven.


So, I am sending you a huge Aloha from Maui and all my deepest gratitude.

Sylvia Hamilton Kerr

Haiku Mill, Haiku, HI

George Lugo.jpeg

I would not be where I am today if it were not for her help, meeting Lynda Diane changed everything. She saw things I couldn't. I have the natural ability, but she has the gift of vision, direction and guidance. She clarified my path, it has been 5 years of success with more to come.

Lynda Diane worked for me, she WILL do the same for you.  I trust her.

George Lugo - Medium

Pensacola, FL

Dr. Debbie.jpeg

Lynda is one of the most grounded and clear psychics I have ever known. She gave me the space to confirm the path I am on, refine my direction and leave me with a brand new energy to be in life.


The words I agree with throughout

the testimonials are...... Amazing, Compassionate, Gifted..... and adding one more of my own, Extraordinary Woman!


Dr. Debbie Thompson

Fort Collins, CO

Mark Larson.jpeg

Lynda Diane brings intuition and intellect to the coaching relationship and provides a powerful platform for personal growth.  Her life experiences and expertise in many areas opened the doors for me to quickly have insights and make changes that had previously escaped me. 


I strongly recommend Lynda as a coach, as an intuitive and a co-creator of your future.


Mark Lawson

St. Louis, MO

Lynn Wulfing.jpeg

She is by far one of the best readers I have ever connected with, and I live in Sedona. 


She easily picks up on situations, people and events. Just doesn't get any better than Lynda Diane.


Lynn Wulfing-Thompson,

Sedona, AZ

Evan Nielson.jpeg

I have to admit I am a long time client of Lynda's, she began giving me insight and guidance with my business but over time I began to trust her with other areas of my life.

One of the thing I appreciate about her, is her honesty, even when I was hoping for a different answer she tells me  what always turns out to be the truth.

Evan Neilson

New York

Jennifer and her dad 2017.jpg

You are simply amazing, you brought such comfort to me. It was as though I was speaking directly with my father. How could you know what he affectionately call me? I have peace of mind that he is okay and will be watching over me. A million thank yous!

Kelly Kelley


Mandy Mahe.jpeg

Lynda is simply amazing, wonderful, kind, caring and loving. I appreciate her honesty and truthfulness - she is so helpful to me, I am so very grateful for her help and insight.

She is an eternal good soul.  


Mandy Mahe

Redding, CA

Sharon McMillen.jpeg

Thank you, Thank you, Lynda! 

You are a G-dsend! 


I have found you to be unlike any other psychic I have ever worked with. You bring such detail through your sessions, things come to pass exactly as you say they will and at the right time. Lynda you always provide me with very deep and profound readings, you are truly gifted.


Sharon McMillen

Daphne, AL

Marnie Sharp.jpeg

I have been receiving Lynda Diane's advice and intuitive counsel for 4 or 5 years now and am always impressed with her caring and heartfelt approach to each issue. 


Recently I called her as I was dealing with a financial crisis that seemed overwhelming to me. I was in a word terrified! I had a few different options as to how to proceed, but each seemed scarier than the next and none of them was easy or comfortable. Lynda Diane gave me counsel that was not inline with my inclinations, as I didn't really want to "pay the piper", but I chose to follow her advice to the letter anyway. 


I have come to really trust her in a big way and could feel how what she was saying was accurate. I often get that with her readings... a deep and resonant feeling of truth.  She really understood how scared I was and was so gentle and reassuring. She gave me back my confidence and helped me to navigate my way through what felt like a mine field, reducing my fear around it immensely. 


Everything unfolded as she said it would and I got to the other side feeling so grateful for Lynda Diane's guidance, intuitive counsel and reassurance. Lynda Diane, I hope the blessings that you bring to others are returned to you ten-fold! 

Marnie Sharp 

Tucson, AZ

Dear One, Lynda What a great gift and blessing you gave me with your reading last Friday at noon. I thank you with all my heart.

The way is made Open.  I see it now.  Thank you.  Thank you for your guidance. Until we meet again, blessings

- Stefany, Tucson, AZ

I had a Bridgework Session, let me tell you I have spent over 18 years ‘working on myself’ and been down numerous rabbit holes

only to find a pile of shit and a dead end. So to my utter surprise I found a 'real' psychic, intuitive, mystic not sure what to call

Lynda Diane BUT I don't think that matters much. I would have had no hesitation in rolling my eyes and dismissing anything

she said if it didn't resonate with me.  When you can get insights and clarity  that can illuminate inform and transform without

years of self-indulgent, victim-focused navel-gazing it is a much needed breath of fresh air.  I have had no hesitation in recommending

her and her work to others. May this work reach, touch and transform many. It is much needed. It was magical. In gratitude.

-Wendy B  Buffalo, NY

Lynda Diane you have helped more than words can express…you are a true blessing to me and I appreciate all of your guidance

and support! Thank you for your patience with me! The best!

- Keko, New York, NY,

 I’m amazed! Lynda Diane is the real deal. So insightful, and gives you many details. She answered questions before I asked them!

It took me months to get an appointment, but it was worth the wait!

- Angie, Canada

She is super and very accurate. I call her often and I can always bank on what she is able to see for me.

- Bill, Las Vegas, NV

Her accuracy is very ASTONISHING. all the predictions have come true. - Melody, Phx, AZ

Beautiful spirit !! No one is better!

- Debby, Los Angeles, CA

Lynda Diane is always wonderful and sweet! A very gifted and accurate reader.

- Meghan, Palo Alto, CA

She knows exactly how I think and feel, and with other people in my life. Truly an amazing psychic - Gretchen, MI

From my experiences, all Lynda Diane’s predictions came true, they may take a little more time than she says. I cannot

wait to see the new predictions unfold, I have no doubt they will!

- P.W., Plymouth, IL

Dead on. Amazing! - Anonymous, Denver, CO

He called, I met with him, we talked. Just like you said we would.

- Jolene, N., Daphne, FL

Wow! Thank you again. Just truly the best.

- A.Z., Duncan, AZ

I have been talking to Lynda Diane for about a year. All this time she has never let me down, and   her accuracy and consistency

drives me insane, I mean that in a good way. She is my life time adviser and I trust her! - J.O., Las Vegas, NV

Amazing. Predictions unfolding as we speak.

- Nichola C., Phoenix,AZ

She is amazing, she truly sees through everything!! What a psychic!  

- B. T., Abohar, India

I don’t normally leave feedback but…Lynda Diane you are amazing. Everything you have said, all your suggestions have been

totally accurate. Things are great. Thank you so much. Will be in touch.

- T. S., Portsmouth, ME

Lynda Diane you are the best of the best! I really appreciate you. Thank you again for all of the insight and guidance you have

provided me. You are so accurate and I trust your readings.

- B.B., MT

Lynda Diane you are a wise lady…you could probably tell I was surprised by what you said at the end. No one has ever said that

to me before…no one has ever picked up on it, so with that, it was an honor talking to you!

- Peggy, WI

I have to say Lynda Diane is the only psychic that can see clearly what’s going on in my life. What she said all came true. I am lucky

I have her to give me advice, if not I will make quite a lot of mistakes in my life. Thank you, for your advice, guidance and accuracy.

I will take it into my heart, learn it and follow it. Love you, hugs.

- K.K., Sacramento, CA

Over the past several months I have connected with Lynda Diane about four times and each time I am more and more blown away

by her gift. She connects to the energy of the person in question in ways I have never experienced before, which sends shivers through

my body. Her readings have left me speechless. Thank you for sharing your gift for seeing beyond the current moment and for bringing validation, honesty and accuracy to my concerns!

- Anonymous

I had the pleasure of reading with Lynda Diane today. This woman left me in tears with her incredible accuracy. I was so moved by

her accuracy I could barely muster a “thank you” at the end of my reading. I was so choked up and in shock. Within 10 minutes she

had my whole situation completely figured out. I was (and still am) amazed by her ability. I am thankful to have found a very special

person that is put on this earth to help all of us. It’s much appreciated.

- S.M., Basco, IL

Wow! Lynda Diane is outstanding! To be honest, I am moved to tears by how good she was. I prefer a psychic that uses “no tools.”

Well, I found a gold mine with Lynda Diane. She asked for only the name of the person in question and to say I am “blown away” is an understatement. Lynda Diane had my whole situation completely figured out within minutes. I didn’t even need to use all of the minutes

I had. The detail and accuracy she was able to provide with the visions she got while we spoke were simply unbelievable.

- Sally R., Williamsburg, TN

I speak to many psychics and Lynda Diane is definitely my favorite! She uses no tools and is fast, amazingly accurate and incredibly

kind, too. Her speed is unbelievable in picking up details, dates and characteristics of people. She connected right away and I

immediately sensed a feeling of trust with her. If you want a spectacular reading about any matter, business, family or love, call

Lynda Diane, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

- M.S., Charlotte, NC

Amazing that’s all I can say. Lynda Diane was right on it. She knew it all – she talked about what was going on and said things that

were all true. She talked about a new blue dress and I had just purchased one.

- S. T., Boston, MA

Lynda Diane is truly amazing and gifted. She is certainly a TRUE psychic. And that means she is a rarity and a gem. She gets right

to the point, and is very kind. She will not waste your time or your money.

- L.F., Orlando, FL

Very quick and tuned in with my situation. Gave me helpful advice. She truly knows. I have spoken to many good psychics but

she is amazing. Answered my questions that I was thinking but did not ask aloud. Thanks! - Jessica,  San Jose, CA

Wonderful reading and spot on confirmation with more details. She is such a bright sweet soul, I feel blessed to have found her.

- M.M., Idaho

I keep wondering how Lynda Diane knows all these particulars and details of everything. I guess my wonder does not make sense

because Lynda Diane is a gifted psychic. She is a WOW “Wonder of World”.  Always amazing!

- Denise, Miami, FL

Lynda was phenomenal! Compassionate, gave precise descriptions of my friend, our relationship. Thank you, you are an angel!

- C. K., NY

She leaves me speechless, how could she tell so much? Billions of stars no doubt! I look forward to connecting with her again. 

- S.T., Augusta, GA

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