Live with intention,

Choose with no regret,

Be kind with your heart,

Love with your soul,

Live and treat others

as if this is all there is -Lynda Diane

Greetings Dear Friends!


Now more than ever I pray that you and yours are in good health and good spirits.

Alarm Clock: An alarm clock is designed to alert an individual or group of individuals at a specified time. The primary function of these clocks are to awaken people from their slumber.

Our souls have been waiting for this moment for many lifetimes. We are in the midst of awakening; we stand at the threshold of a transformational gateway. The power to create the life you desire is within you at this very moment. Complaining, blaming is easy, being responsible is hard, this is a global awakening we need to let go of the fear so we can move out of the old paradigm. 

We are in the midst of a shared experience that will change all our lives and redirect the future of life on this planet. We have entered the unknown together, there has never been anything else that has had the capacity to unify the global community.


We need to start forgiving each other for what we think is wrong or bad, if we let our hearts guide us we will find ourselves anew. It is time to take that step and truly walk our spiritual talk, allowing us to cross the bridge into the new paradigm. We are being stripped naked of our attachments, we have been on a desperate search for connection, ironically the social distancing and isolation offers us the opportunity to take the time to make that connection we’ve been seeking, it is inside of us – it is our heart and mind becoming one.


The global community is dealing with not only a major virus but other distractions as well, although it’s clear how challenging and isolating this can be, now more than ever is the perfect time to connect with your inner knowing through prayer, meditation or whatever allows you to go within. Many, many of you are highly sensitive this is the perfect time to lean into those feelings, knowing, and awareness.


I am asking everyone to take the time to meditate to raise our vibration and pray for healing around the world, all faiths, religions and spiritual practices to come together for the Earth and the healing of the 'health risk' we are all facing. May we connect through forgiveness, compassion, and love.

When we’re free to love anyone we choose.

When this world is big enough for all different views.

When we’re all free to worship from our own kind of pew.

Then we shall be free. -Garth Brooks



From my heart to yours.


Much love,

Lynda Diane





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It was in a Nazarene church where a spiritual being appeared before a seven year old Lynda. She is able to see the energies that surround her clients a blue-print that depicts events, situations and people.

She consults with individuals and businesses internationally as an intuitive, channel and energy manipulator...(read more)


Celebrate the day your soul took up residence in this incarnation. It is a gift to be here now on what is known as the blue-planet. Through all time, space and dimensions we travel to meet, support, love and treasure each other lifetime after lifetime on our journey back to God.

Live with intention, choose with no regret, be kind with your heart, love with your soul.     

Love, Tomas

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Aloha Lynda Diane,

I just wanted you to know that you helped me beyond my dearest hopes.


You gave me a diagnoses when I had none which in turn, gave me a direction to follow.  Up until you, everything was just a shot in the dark.


I am now following the protocols of Anthony William, for Epstein Barr Virus, which was your number one diagnoses for me.  (The alligator closest to the boat!)  The improvements have been incredible, since that time. It’s hard to improve when the doctors can’t pinpoint what is wrong with you, right?  Now, my  health is improving by leaps and bounds, from a condition that is probably about 50 years old.


I had been going to doctors for 4 years to find out what was wrong with me and of course, no one knew.


I am deeply grateful to you for your kind and amazing assistance.  You may well have saved my life, which I consider rather important.

It is an amazing service you provide.  There will surely be a ticker tape parade and a huge celebration some day when you get to heaven.


So, I am sending you a huge Aloha from Maui and all my deepest gratitude.

Sylvia Hamilton Kerr

Haiku Mill, Haiku, HI

Always Clear Guidance

Lynda is one of the most grounded and clear psychics I have ever known. She gave me the space to confirm the path I am on, refine my direction and leave me with a brand new energy to be in life.

Dr. Debbie Thompson


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