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Psychic - Visionary - Intuitive Strategist - Conscious Channel

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Connecting to the Deep Language of the Soul

Medical Intuitive - Visionary - Intuitive Life Strategist - Conscious Channel

Lynda Diane is an internationally acclaimed intuitive life coach, transformational healer, visionary energy master and medical intuitive who has shown thousands of people how to celebrate their soul purpose, connect to their highest destiny, generate personal success and inspirational living. Her guidance and perspective is all about joy, fulfillment, inspiration, meaning and creating contentment.


With clients all over the world, she serves as a catalyst, guide and inspiration for personal and spiritual growth, healing, transformation and planetary change.

During a session you receive the support from spirit and Consciousness (Source Field), you're able to get

to the heart of the matter, discover answers to the questions that may have you confused, concerned, frustrated or even hopeless. Together, you navigate through everything to not only answer questions but offer resources, higher truths and wisdom that support you in all aspects of your life, mind, body and spirit.

It is her deepest prayer and intention to empower you.

Let her put your mind at ease.


Intuitive Life Strategist
Medical Intuitive
Professional Intuitive Consulting 
Spiritual Teacher of Higher Truths
Channel for Consciousness referred to as TOMAS
Designer and Creator of Intention and Healing Jewelry
Visionary and Founder of The Disentanglement Codes
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You're Not Alone, You Just Think You  Are.
Wisdom, Truth, Kindness and Compassion are the tools of a Warrior of Light.

Love, TOMAS                                                                          

Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul Sessions

We are living in an age when many of us feel out of control, the velocity and direction of life today seems to sweep us along without our permission. But the truth of the matter is we are creating life by default.

Life does not happen to us. Life happens through us. 

Having insight and clarity about our life, circumstances and/or relationships can allow us to make healthy choices simply because we understand all aspects of our concerns. Who better to ask for guidance than from the Source of our Creations.

You can find Lynda referenced in the book

"Proof of Spiritual Phenomena" by Mona Sobani PhD.




Lynda's life purpose is to help people change and heal their lives. For over 49 years she has shed light on what often times is hidden from view. Her spiritual journey began when she was six years old in a Nazarene church. The unknown has been her playground and career platform for nearly five decades, she has sought to know the unknown.

Lynda is a multi-sensory, she see, she hears, she feels and she has the ability to weave energy allowing her to look at potential outcomes from choices that are being offered. Life is a journey of the Soul, we were never meant to travel it alone, in other words Lynda believes we can't become ourselves, by ourselves.

She has worked alongside a doctor as a medical intuitive until his transition, for law enforcement and one government agency. As a business consultant she served as an advisor for two law firms as a intuitive strategist from 2008 - 2017. Currently, she is an advisor to a number of professionals in the media, medicine, law, government, science, renewable energy, as well as individuals from all walks of life. ​Her focus is on consistently delivering accurate and helpful life guidance, to help you grow and develop your own soul path.

Spirituality is recognizing that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us. Spirituality is not about knowing the lingo or being soulful it is about being, it's about how we show up in the world.

What's Up on Planet Earth?

Let's talk Higher Truths, Other Dimensions, Health, the
Reasons Behind the Scenes, Relationships, Connection
the Complexity of the Akashic Record, Thought Forms,
Subconscious Programming, How Do We Make Real
Lasting Changes

No Topic is Off Limits

Dear Ones!

There is a reason you're here. Maybe you were referred to my site or intuitively drawn to my work.

But more often than not, not for the reason you may think.


There is a power in you that wants you to discover that you're bigger than you thought.

More powerful than you dared hope. More vulnerable than you knew. More fierce than you imagined.

Everything you've wanted - everything you believed you could be and were afraid you wouldn't be shows up in this powerful space. Your Soul speaks to me, I simply translate, confirm and validate what you already know and feel at the deepest level of your being.

Change.   Evolution.   Integrity.   Transparency.   We.   Lead with the Heart. We Can't Become Ourselves, by Ourselves. We need each other to show us who we are.


These are the things in which this year will be asking us to embrace. 

This past few years and perhaps for many of us part or all of this year we find ourselves putting our dreams on hold, they haven't gone away they are simply waiting, growing, and gathering strength. Soon they are ready to be resurrected.

I believe in your dreams,


I believe in the good things coming.

And, I believe that when we each tend our individual dreams - those things that give us reason to hope, then we are doing our part in creating the kind of world we all dream of.

Fiat Lux! (let there be Light)

The Universe Really Does Have Your Back!

" My call with Lynda got cut off by some inexplicable reception issues. I didn’t get a chance to convey to her how much the time with her meant to me and how much I got from the session. I could talk to her for hours! Afterwards, I was walking home and thought – it’s like she was talking directly to my soul! And then I chuckled because that’s exactly what she was doing! Rachel,  please convey my gratitude to Lynda for me."



" Hi Rachel!

Could you please pass on my sincere thanks to Lynda for last night’s reading.
Many years ago before I knew my partner Sara, I bumped into an American woman in London, who told me about Dr Amy Robbin's podcast. I always wondered why this encounter happened and why I was led to the podcast.  After chatting with Sara last night (after the reading) it all made sense. Lynda was always going to help Sara, even all those years ago and even before I had met Sara.

Thank you both,"


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