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Lynda Nichols

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Psychic - Visionary - Intuitive Strategist - Conscious Channel

Now is the Time of Higher Truths


I help people:

Find peace

Gain clarity

Discover truths

Understand what is transpiring in their life

With the support from spirit and Consciousness (Source Field), we are able get to the heart of the matter, discover answers to the questions that may have you confused, concerned, frustrated or even hopeless. Together we navigate through everything to not only answer questions but offer resources, higher truths and wisdom that support you in all aspects of your life, mind, body and spirit. It is my deepest prayer and intention to empower you.

Let me put your mind at ease.

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Professional Intuitive Consulting 
Spiritual Teacher of Higher Truths
Channel for Consciousness referred to as TOMAS
Designer and Creator of Intention and Healing Jewelry
Visionary and Founder of The Calling Ascension Codes
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You're Not Alone, You Just Think You  Are.
Love, TOMAS                                                                          

Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul Sessions

We are living in an age when many of us feel out of control, the velocity and direction of life today seems to sweep us along without our permission. But the truth of the matter is we are creating life by default.
Life does not happen to us. Life happens through us. 

Having insight and clarity about our life, circumstances and/or relationships can allow us to make healthy choices simply because we understand all aspects of our concerns. Who better to ask for guidance than from the Source of our Creations.

You can find Lynda referenced in the book

"Proof of Spiritual Phenomena" by Mona Sobani PhD.



Lynda's life purpose is to help people change and heal their lives. For over 40 years she has shed light on what often times is hidden from view. Her spiritual journey began when she was seven years old in a Nazarene church. The unknown has been her playground and career platform for nearly five decades, she has sought to know the unknown.

Lynda is a multi-sensory, she see, she hears, she feels and she has the ability to weave energy allowing her to look at potential outcomes from choices that are being offered. Life is a journey of the Soul, we were never meant to travel it alone, in other words Lynda believes we can't become ourselves, by ourselves.

She has worked alongside a doctor as a medical intuitive until his transition, for law enforcement and one government agency. As a business consultant she served as an advisor for two law firms as a intuitive strategist from 2008 - 2017. Currently, she is an advisor to a number of professionals in the media, medicine, law, government, science, renewable energy, as well as individuals from all walks of life. ​Her focus is on consistently delivering accurate and helpful life guidance, to help you grow and develop your own soul path.


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