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Live with intention,

Choose with no regret,

Be kind with your heart,

Love with your soul,

Live and treat others

as if this is all there is.

-lynda diane

Dear Ones!

There is a reason you're here. Maybe you were referred to my site or intuitively drawn to my work.

But more often than not, not for the reason you may think.


There is a power in you that wants you to discover that you're bigger than you thought.

More powerful than you dared hope. More vulnerable than you knew. More fierce than you imagined.

 Everything you've wanted - everything you believed you could be and were afraid you wouldn't be shows up in this powerful space.

Your Soul speaks to me, I simply translate, confirm and validate what you already know and feel at the deepest level of your being.

Change.   Evolution.   Integrity.   Transparency.   We.   Lead with the Heart. We Can't Become Ourselves, by Ourselves.

We need each other to show us who we are.


These are the things in which this year will be asking us to embrace. 

This past year and perhaps for many of us part or all of this year we find ourselves putting our dreams on hold, they haven't gone away they are simply waiting, growing, and gathering strength. This fall, they are ready to be resurrected.

I believe in your dreams,


I believe in the good things coming.

And, I believe that when we each tend our individual dreams - those things that give us reason to hope, then we are doing our part in creating the kind of world we all dream of.


From my heart to yours.


Much love,

Lynda Diane






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It was in a Nazarene church where a spiritual being appeared before a seven year old Lynda. She is able to see the energies that surround her clients a blue-print that depicts events, situations and people.

She consults with individuals and businesses internationally as an intuitive, channel and energy manipulator...(read more)


Celebrate the day your soul took up residence in this incarnation. It is a gift to be here now on what is known as the blue-planet. Through all time, space and dimensions we travel to meet, support, love and treasure each other lifetime after lifetime on our journey back to God.

Live with intention, choose with no regret, be kind with your heart, love with your soul.     

Love, Tomas

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Wonder What Clients Have to Say?

Sylvia Hamilton Kerr.jpg

Aloha Lynda Diane,

I just wanted you to know that you helped me beyond my dearest hopes.


You gave me a diagnoses when I had none which in turn, gave me a direction to follow.  Up until you, everything was just a shot in the dark.


I am now following the protocols of Anthony William, for Epstein Barr Virus, which was your number one diagnoses for me.  (The alligator closest to the boat!)  The improvements have been incredible, since that time. It’s hard to improve when the doctors can’t pinpoint what is wrong with you, right?  Now, my  health is improving by leaps and bounds, from a condition that is probably about 50 years old.


I had been going to doctors for 4 years to find out what was wrong with me and of course, no one knew.


I am deeply grateful to you for your kind and amazing assistance.  You may well have saved my life, which I consider rather important.

It is an amazing service you provide.  There will surely be a ticker tape parade and a huge celebration some day when you get to heaven.


So, I am sending you a huge Aloha from Maui and all my deepest gratitude.

Sylvia Hamilton Kerr

Haiku Mill, Haiku, HI


Always Clear Guidance

Lynda is one of the most grounded and clear psychics I have ever known. She gave me the space to confirm the path I am on, refine my direction and leave me with a brand new energy to be in life.

Dr. Debbie Thompson

I encourage you to join our thriving community who are also traveling the path to gain clarity, feel confident and at peace. I only stop by your inbox on Wednesdays to share the latest information on health, wellness, spirituality and personal insights I don't share anywhere else. With love and respect for your soul path, soul journey.


If you're stuck , confused about opportunities or a situation that needs a deeper understanding, or looking for insight, advice wanting some solid action-steps that takes into account who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there then a Clarity Session is made for you.


Need to make a decision, perhaps you're looking to change jobs, or move to a different location or considering whether you should take a trip. A Focus Session we will concentrate on these specific questions.


A Deep Dive session explores every aspect of your life, you'll discover truths and understand what is transpiring in your life. We will address what actions and strategies to take to re-energize your life, your relationships and your career goals.


Curious what spirit has to say about your life, or perhaps you have some general questions about life, love or family choose what length of session is right for you and your budget.

Abstract Flame

Q & A  Tomas responds to client's questions

There are a handful of times in my life where I remember feeling this incredible peace, “which surpasses all understanding” (as they say in the Bible). A feeling that is beyond any peace that I have felt in my body, something I feel comes from outside of me. At times the peace would come with a non-verbal feeling message that conveyed “in the end, everything is going to be OK“. Other times the peace will communicate the message “you have something very important to do in this life“. Are these feelings/messages from God or someone/something else?


I have grown up my whole life believing that it’s God but because I have trust issues around God now, I’m not sure anymore.


Thank you,



"This is communication is from the Higher Self, The All of "You", the total essences of knowing, awareness and consciousness. It is guiding and reminding you on two levels, the first allowing you to reconnect to the safety of the love that is what you as a spirit being is enveloped in. Secondly, to remind you that you chose to inhabit a physical body so that you could not only develop as a spirit but to bring in the information and understanding to assist others along their journey as a spirit being living in the physical world. To teach that they have a power within.  This is why you chose the circumstances that have led you to no longer trust God. To understand that it is not God that created this curriculum for you but you who chose it.  As a facilitator of spiritual and physical understanding, the facilitator has to travel the path first so that they can understand the feelings, fears, confusion, desperation, and circumstances of those that cross their path."

Love, Tomas


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