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My Approach

My Approach

prepare for my sessions with the upmost sense of responsibility. Each session is as unique as the individuals seeking them. 


I feel I am entrusted by spirit to convey messages in their totality, it is not my place to discern what needs to be heard by the client. This is their session I am merely an interpreter for the spirit world, each piece of information is brought forth has a purpose. Often times the burning question for the client may not be the Soul's primary topic of concern and uses the opportunity to bring forward information that the client may not have even considered.

You'll leave the session feeling as though you have been both seen and heard but most importantly with the answers you were seeking.

Intuitive Reading


see. I feel. I hear. I know.

All of my senses play an active part in each session. I weave my energy with the consciousness of an intelligence within the Universal Mind, not perceived as any one personality but a collection of intelligences.


I prepare for each session prior to our appointment through meditation and connecting with your energy field. 

What You Need to Know

ach session is as unique as the individuals seeking them. They are a free flowing experience with literal and symbolic 


messages. Please keep in mind that spiritual readings are not exercises in mind reading or fortune telling, but rather a means for you to receive messages of the highest guidance.

Often times the burning question for you, may not be your Soul's primary topic of concern, often the Soul will use this opportunity to bring something to light for your consideration.
You are the architect of your life, with the decisions, actions and choices you make you create a blueprint that is able to be seen on an inter-dimensional level.  If you find what is being created is not agreeable you may change it, having insight and knowledge allows you to control your life.  Please note, some events and situations may not be foreseeable, they have not yet begun to develop at the time of your consultation. A psychic cannot see everything, there are always secrets held within the soul. 
You are encouraged to take notes during the session, often times reflecting back over your notes will bring further clarity.  Sessions are completely confidential.
What I do
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