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very since I can remember I've deeply contemplated the meaning of life and looked to the stars and my inner guidance for assurance that all is well.

And indeed it is. For in that journey of seeking my answers, I found that everything we need and know is already here.

My life purpose is to help people change and heal their lives. For over 40 years I have been able to shed light on what often times is hidden from view. This spiritual journey began when I was seven years old, I have straddled both worlds of practicality and spirituality.

For a number of years until his death I worked alongside a doctor as a medical intuitive as well as  for law enforcement and one government agency.As a business consultant I served as an advisor for two law firms from 2008 - 2017, currently as an advisor to a number of professionals in the media, medicine, law, government and individuals from all walks of life.

​My focus is on consistently delivering accurate and helpful life guidance, to help you grow and develop your own soul path.

My Perspective

simple woman who loves her two fur babies, trees and nature and God, I am a dreamer, thinker and jewelry designer who loves plenty of iced tea and a good book.

The goal of my site is to share things with you, to help you make sense of your life,

to give you a place of comfort, a space to see yourself, to be yourself and if you so choose, to grow.


​My eternal gratitude to God the Creator of my soul, who hearing my childhood cry continues to answer my

prayer: "Who am I". I AM yours in service to the upliftment of all life, as we continue

to collaborate in Oneness. And So It Is.




"Live with intention, choose with no regret, be kind with your heart, love with your soul. Live and treat others as if this is all there is."


From my heart to yours,

Lynda Diane

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