Who You Are

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop. - Rumi

Words can be profound, or they can be empty vessels .

The All That Is, the Consciousness of everything has asked that I create a home for

their words to live and be available to those that are guided to it.

Life is a Work in Progress

 At the end of our lives, we want to know.


That We Lived.    That We Loved.     That We Mattered.






We ask that you remain consistent and publish the knowledge that we share. This is not for your eyes only, what good would that do, or who would it serve?


Others need to be activated - initiate their remembering.


Let us begin,

It has taken me a couple of years to share this, I have been meaning to but for some reason I wasn't sure where to put it on my site. As I mentioned above my Guys have asked that they get a bit of real estate, so here it is, may I do them justice.

Firstly, how do I know I am even connected to something other than my Higher Mind or my subconscious.  I am going to start with a narrative then follow with their response. The narrative will set up the circumstances and pictures of what took place.  Nothing has been edited or photoshopped, this is raw and real. 


6/5/16 Sunday

Journal Entry

Last night I was in my bedroom with 3 lights on so it was extremely well lit. My sister Barb was on the phone with me (my landline), I had asked her if she would like to have my TV console that I had in the bedroom, ( I was wanting to replace it with something smaller). She said she couldn't recall what it looked like, would I take a quick picture and send it to her. 

I laid the receiver down on my night stand and grabbed my cell phone. I essentially only use my cell phone for texting so I am not adept with the apps, basically all thumbs.

I found the camera app, I had the cabinet in the viewer and was ready to snap the photo when suddenly it became extremely cloudy...I couldn't see anything but a blur. The picture snapped, I was going to try again but I thought I should change my position in the room to get a clearer image and instead of the cabinet in the viewer it was my face! The camera had reversed itself to point the lens at me...the camera snapped a shot of me...on its own. Then just a quickly the viewer reversed itself and the TV stand was in the viewer unobstructed, I was able to take a picture. 

I sent the pictures to my sister we discussed what occurred but I didn't pursue the incident with my guides. I just let it be.

Appeared in front of TV console I was facing the tv so this was in front of me.

Reversed focus spontaneously and took a picture of the pink cloud over my shoulder

Lens reverted back, allowing me to photograph the tv console.

Channeling Session

7/3/16 Sunday

So Guys I guess I'm ready to know what took place regarding the pink cloud, what it means, short term, long term or is there no meaning..



We're here - ready to answer questions. 


As you know from previous communication we are a combination of "Beings" many of us have been a part of your entourage for many, many lifetimes. It is important for you to understand the Benevolence in which we come, we hear your concerns, the reason for the pink "cloud" was to be comforting and for "it" (us) to appear in a 'daylight' lit room - so you couldn't rationalize that  distortion was due to shadows, - nothing that is not from the upper echelons of light. Now please understand, the use of light is strictly a human term.  Light & Dark intent (intentions) vibrates at different rates thus making something to appear light or dark. The higher (faster) the vibration the lighter it becomes until it becomes translucent or appearing to have no color so that means the lower the vibration or intent the denser it is which makes it appear darker. Please note were only speaking of energy fields here.


So when we appeared as a Pink Energy Field it was based on our intent to send you love and to let you know we are with you. 


So would you please clarify how then the cloud was pink?


Through intent, intentions have a vibrational frequency, color is a reflection of frequency.

A life lived creates a body of work, a beautiful tapestry. Be cognizant everyday you are weaving more into the tapestry of your life, use this as a reminder to stay in a higher vibrational field.  We often hear people saying that they are holding or trying to hold a higher vibration that is not quite accurate, one does not hold a vibration, one is a vibration. 




Can you speak a bit more about vibration?



Vibration is the source of everything.


Our words create sounds that travel as a vibration to
If you are in constant gratitude, acknowledging what you have, you are sending a confirmation to Creator that translates into manifesting more.  If you are constantly complaining and voicing how miserable your life has been, you are confirming to the Universe this is where you want to be. The Universe reflects back to you what you have sent out. Creator.  Every time we open our mouths and speak we send a signal.  Some people believe our words manifest the future.  I believe it's the sound and vibration of the feeling that shapes our reality in concert with our karma.




Is there anything else I need to know about your appearance?


Just remember you're never alone, you just think you are; a suggestion, create a reminder to wear, perhaps a rose quartz pendant.


We love you!






House of Spirits

Disquiet -  A Sense of Dread

In 1980 we moved into my husband's family home. The house and the farmland had been in his family for three generations. My husband's grandmother had lived there her entire adult life, recently she had been moved to a nursing home.

For the dis-incarnate residents, ... I am the intruder.

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