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I AM Here

I AM here for a reason, the heart is meant to be shared. It holds true compassion that has the ability to bridge differences, connect the soul and remind the mind we are all from the same I AM.

You showed up.

You're here for a reason, sometimes we can be clueless as to what that is. Don't ignore the subtle voice that whispers for you to be still and listen to your heart, within you will find what is your reason for being. Stop the busyness for just a few moments each day and listen....

The gift that lies beneath is the sense that we are not alone, but have unseen companions that accompany us on our sojourn of the here and now.

You will recognize truth as it begins to bubble up into your conscious mind, that joy and bliss are innate, we have been taught to shut them out or to only get glimpses of them now and again. The deeper you dive the more you will allow the goodness and light of your being to rise to the surface of your being.

Remember you are a part of the great I AM.


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