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Today in Colette's blog she spoke about predictions, what she expressed is something I have been experiencing since 2012, for awhile I quit doing readings because of the velocity in which life was moving. My focus had always been on not only the content of the reading provided by spirit but to resources that had the ability to enhance a client's life, now more than ever this is important.

While it is possible to see outcomes and I have many clients that continue to confirm the outcome that was foreseen does in fact take place, but as Colette stated people tend to give their power away, or they feel that this is the outcome so they can throw caution to the wind. The outcome was based upon the choices and actions that were seen during the session. If one decides to become more or less aggressive with their actions, decision or efforts then that affects the outcome.

Here is what Colette has to say on the subject:

"How often have you wondered “what’s going to happen?” and gone to see a psychic, astrologer, or intuitive to answer that question. I used to be that professional that would peer into the future to tell you what I saw. I actually built my reputation on that talent. In fact, there was a time that it wasn’t hard to do. Not many people were interested in self-evolution or creating their own reality. Most of us didn’t even know we could! Futures could be predicted because we moved at a slower pace. The world was different 20 years ago. Our species was not as connected the way we are now. We were not distracted, nor pushed forward by the same velocity, nor were we as focused on our human potential as powerful co-creators in partnership with a Conscious Universe.

So, things have changed and making predictions have changed.

Early on I recognized that what I was foreseeing were potentials realities- likely possible futures that would show up about people I was reading in my other awareness. Yet they were never shown to me as absolutes. Oh sure sometimes I’d have bet my life on something happening, as I watched something that was already in motion, arise. Over time, however, I started to see how people would give their power away to a reading and not work on what they actually needed to do to continue on their path to achieving certain things, or the experience they hoped for would not be provided by the event predicted. Things have drastically changed in the past few years.

Predictions are a funny game and the game has changed.

If you are reading this you are likely someone on a spiritual path seeking to create a better life, looking for ways of tuning into the universe to find purpose, meaning, prosperity and love. You may want to know what’s coming but deep down you know that predictions can be changed as you choose to make various shifts in your life. You also might be looking for a prediction to make you feel safer in your uncertainty or to give you an absolute of your future so that you can relax. However, neither work beyond the teeny bit of time when you first hear the words you want to hear.

We live in deep uncertainty, and when you look for someone to predict your future, you in danger of giving your power away. You also end up grasping at something ephemeral that really has no substance at all in the now. Fear can also creep in as a cynical outlook or idea that you might be doing something wrong (especially if you are told something would happen in a timeframe that it doesn’t).

Predictions do have their place. Everything shown to someone making a prediction is now part of a rapidly moving grid or map of energy. If you don’t change anything your future may indeed show up as you’ve been told in a reading. But you have an opportunity to go one step further with the information you are given. You have the choice to course correct, or hold this map of potential as loosely as you can and allow the universe to call into form that which is best for you. Look at all of it as a reflection of your point of vantage and where you are heading. You can always change direction. Times have changed and how we interpret readings can too. Use these kinds of readings only as a guideline and never as an absolute.

Give yourself a beautiful gift and appreciate the potentials and power you already have to shape your future. You are in charge of co-creating your reality.

Predictions can be a beautiful way to confirm where you are and where you’re heading. Just remember it’s all a journey not a finite destination."

To read Colette's blog:

The important thing to remember that we have free will, You are the architect of your life, with the decisions, actions and choices you make you create a blueprint that is able to be seen on an inter-dimensional level. If you find what is being created is not agreeable you may change it, having insight and knowledge allows you to control your life.

Life doesn't happen to you, it happens through you.

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