Anybody Can Tell You Anything!

I discovered Philip McKernan a few years ago.

He's Irish, he's raw, he's real.

I love who he is!

He speaks often how we struggle with simply being ourselves. That often we need to let go of the things we know, in order to discover who we are.

There is so much uncertainty in the world and in our daily lives, most of what is swirling about is disheartening, frightening and makes us feel to some degree powerless. In my work I have the opportunity to show others a new perspective. I feel like a lucky duck every day so I felt today would be the perfect time to share Philip with you.

We often allow fear to govern our lives, we live in our minds most of the time. Either we don't know how to listen to our hearts, or we simply forget to.

The head is where you live.

There heart is where you feel.

The soul is where you flow.

It takes practice to drop down from our mind into our heart and ultimately to feel our soul.

But if we choose to begin to explore this way of living, life takes on a different way of being.

The choice is...yours.

#PhilipMcKernan #Soul #listentoheart #Irish #Real #Raw

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