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Psychic  vs  Intuition  vs  Mediumship

The intuitive arts community has a tendency to use this term interchangeably. But they are not one and the same. In my opinion everyone is psychic, but not everyone has the ability to tap into intuition and even for those that are intuitive does not automatically make them a medium. 

Psychic  -  Noun  I feel beyond my own field  -  Feel through the emotional, the empathic and the nervous systems.

The ability to meld our psyche with another person's psyche. In other words to meld our field with another person's field. And in doing so our emotional system, our mental system gets connected. We have done this our entire lives, we can meld ourselves to a group, we can even meld it to a belief system. 

Someone that is highly psychic could walk into a room where an argument took place a few minutes before and would be able to feel the bad vibes left by the discord.

Intuitive  -  Verb   A channel of instruction  -  A channel of informational action, it doesn't carry emotional debris, it has a knowing, it has instruction.

This information is about transformation, healing, understanding a technical schematic as to why a system is doing what its doing.

Mediumship -  Verb  A direct communication with a spirit person (someone that passed over)

This requires the 

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